Les Éditions CEC inc. (CEC) is concerned about ensuring the protection of the information transmitted through the Internet and the respect of your privacy, and as such controls the way in which personal information is used and communicated rigorously. The present Privacy Notice states CEC’s privacy policy. By using the site, you agree to comply with the practices described in the present Privacy and Security Notice.

Client information gathered by CEC

To purchase products or sign up for an ad contest, CEC requires you to transmit your name, address, email address and, if you accept, some other information.

The information that CEC gathers about you allows us to customize and improve services during your visits on the site. The information is collected in two ways:

Information you provide yourself : Nous recevons et conservons toutes les informations que vous entrez sur notre site web ou que vous nous fournissez d'une autre façon. Vous avez le choix de ne pas fournir certains renseignements, mais cela pourrait vous empêcher de profiter de certains de nos services.

Information gathered automatically : We receive and keep certain information each time you communicate with us. For instance, like numerous websites, we use cookies that allow us to obtain certain information when your browser accesses the site.

1. What does «Navigational Data» mean, and how is it collected?

Navigational Data is general information about your electronic device or your navigational activity. It may include information about your IP address, your browsing history (such as the time and date you visited this site), the content of the different pages of this site you visited, the number of clicks during your visit, the type of device you used, your general geographic location (province or country), the advertisements or videos that you watched during your visit, and the address of the site you visited immediately before this site or that you visit immediately after this site.

Navigational Data is not personal, in that we do not use it, either alone or coupled with other information, with the intent of revealing your identity. The Navigational Data is used solely for the purposes expressed in this policy.

Navigational Data is collected by means of so-called «cookies», which are small data files uploaded onto your electronic device (such as your computer, tablet or mobile) once you visit this site. The cookies are automatically sent by the server of this site onto the browser of your device (Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla, etc.) and are archived, by default, onto your device’s hard drive.

2. Who collects Navigational Data?

Navigational Data may be collected, in whole or in part, by: (a) us (being Les Éditions CEC inc.), Quebecor Media Inc., its affiliates and/or related companies (collectively, «us»); and (b) certain companies with which we collaborate for commercial or non-commercial purposes (such as our advertising and content partners, our service, solution and technological platform providers, or certain companies who wish to acquire our assets) (collectively, our «Partners»).

When the Navigational Data is collected directly by a Partner, we will first enter into an agreement with that Partner to ensure that the Navigational Data is collected, used and stored with caution and only as expressly disclosed in this policy. The Partner must agree to abide by all applicable laws in Quebec and guarantees the safety and confidentiality of any Navigational Data collected. Our Partners are not allowed to collect personal information, use spyware to collect data without your knowledge, or use cookies that you cannot disable.

3. Is Navigational Data shared with third parties?

Unless you expressly authorize us to do so, we will not share your Navigational Data with any third parties other than our Partners. Even when we share the Navigational Data with our Partners, they are also bound by the rights, uses and limitations disclosed in this policy. We aim to ensure that the Navigational Data is solely used per our instructions and in accordance with this policy, and all applicable laws, security measures and confidentiality requirements.

4. How do we use Navigational Data?

We use Navigational Data in the following ways:

(a) we generate statistical data about our level of readership, the performance and use of our sites and content, and the type of persons interested in our sites;

(b) we improve your browsing experience. For example, the settings of your browser (such as your preferred language, time zone and plug-ins) may be offered to you by default upon your next visit, so that you are not required to enter your settings and preferences upon each visit; and

(c) we provide you with advertisements that are in line with your interests. In other words, advertisements may be tailored to you, given the content of the pages of this site that you have visited.

5. Where and for how long do we store Navigational Data?

The Navigational Data may be stored on our servers, our providers’ servers, or our Partners’ servers, as applicable. The Navigational Data is only stored for as the long as necessary to fulfill the purposes described above, after which time it will be permanently deleted.

6. How can you avoid having your Navigational Data collected?

By browsing this site, you consent to having your Navigational Data collected in the manner and for the purposes detailed above. Nevertheless, you may at any time erase the cookies currently on your browser or disable new cookies. Certain browsers allow you to pick and choose which cookies you allow on your browser and which cookies you disable. For more information on this subject, please turn to your browsing parameters.

Disabling the cookies on this site will not block you access to our page. However, you will be treated as a new user upon each visit and the advertisements you receive will be random and non-personalized.

Certain advanced functionalities of this site may be inadvertently affected by disabling cookies because certain cookies enable advanced interaction between different pages of our site. If you are experiencing difficulties as a result of disabling the cookies on our site, we invite you to contact us at any time.

7. Do we collect personal information?

Personal information is information that allows us to directly identify you, such as your name, geographical or electronic address, or phone number. We do not collect personal information without your express consent nor will we ask you to provide this kind of information other than voluntarily. For example, you might be asked to provide personal information when you subscribe to one of our sites, newsletters or email lists or when you make a purchase on one of our sites. In that case, you will be asked to create an account with us and provide certain personal information, such as your name and email address.

All personal information you provide to us will be used, stored and protected in the manner expressly disclosed by us and accepted by you at the moment such personal information is collected.

Privacy of information

CEC implemented leading-edge security measures to protect you against the loss or unauthorized use of personal information that is under the control of Les Éditions CEC inc., namely credit card information.

That said, no security mechanism is perfect, and know that the personal information you transmit to CEC may be disclosed without it being our fault and without your consent. CEC disclaims any responsibility regarding the fact that such confidential information may be disclosed, except in case of negligence on our part. Please note that for your safety, no credit card information is kept on the servers used by CEC. If you are concerned about confidentiality issues regarding the use of your credit card on the Internet, CEC invites you to place your order by phone.

CEC reserves the right to amend the present policy at anytime. CEC also reserves the right to transmit your personal information if and when the law obliges CEC to do so or to protect its site ownership rights or those of its users, sponsors, advertisers and suppliers.

Control of personal information

You can validate or edit your personal information at anytime on the My Account page. You can also complete these procedures directly with CEC’s Customer Service. If you want to close your account, you must contact CEC’s Customer Service directly.

8. What happens when you click on an advertisement or an external link embedded on our site?

When you click on an advertisement or an external link embedded on our site, you will be redirected to the site of the advertiser and third party sponsoring the link, respectively. The new site will have its own policy regarding Navigational Data that may differ from ours and the new site will also likely have its own cookies. The policy of this site will no longer apply and your online activity will be subject to the new site’s policies.

9. Can you access or ask us to rectify my Navigational Data?

Yes, you can access or ask us to rectify your Navigational Data by submitting a detailed request to: However, we can only satisfy your request if we already have a personal folder in your name in our files (for example, if you already communicated personal information to us when creating an account) and if we are further able to confirm that the Navigational Data contained in that personal folder is in fact yours.

Security and efficiency of the network

CEC does not guarantee total efficiency and security. A computer hacker may manage to penetrate the server. It is thus important to keep in mind that BEFORE USING YOUR IDENTITY TO BROWSE AND/OR MAKE TRANSACTIONS on the site, an ill-intentioned person may access CEC’s servers and use certain personal information left by its members for his/her own use. IN NO CASE can Les Éditions CEC inc., nor any of its administrators, be held liable for computer hacking acts nor be blamed for any damage or loss that may stem from such acts. The site can suffer occasional outages and certain programming errors can be committed during updates or events beyond the control of the administrators. When you make an online purchase, you can check to see if you are in security mode by making sure that the URL link (web address) starts with rather than with

The lock icon in your browser window confirms that you are in security mode.