In order to ensure that the information transmitted via Internet is protected and to respect your privacy, Les Éditions CEC inc. (CEC) strictly controls how personal information is used and disclosed. By using the Site, you agree to comply with the practices described in this Privacy policy.

Information about its clients collected by CEC

In order to purchase products or enter a promotional contest, CEC asks that you transmit your name, address, email address and, if you agree, certain additional information. In order to use the myCECZone (the “Platform”) service, we collect your email and prompt you to create a user account and a password. The information about you collected by CEC allows it to provide you and to customize and constantly improve the services when you visit the Site and use the Platform. Such information includes the following:

Information provided by you: : We receive and store any information you enter on our website or provide to us any other way. You may choose not to provide certain information, but this may prevent you from enjoying some of our services.

Some information may be collected directly by third parties in accordance with their own privacy policy, in order to complete certain transactions.

Browsing information: We receive and store various information each time you contact us. For example, like many websites, we use cookies that allow us to obtain certain information when your browser accesses the Site.

1. What is “Browsing information” and how is it collected?

“Browsing information” is general and anonymous information about your browsing activity or your device. It includes, for example, information about your IP address, your history, (such as the time and duration of your visits on the pages of this site), the content of such pages, the number of times you click, your type of device, the site you come from and the site you’re going to when you leave ours, as well as your general geographical location (your country or province).

Browsing information is depersonalized, so that we cannot use it to discover your identity (by matching or otherwise). It is used only for the purposes described hereafter.

Browsing information is collected through the use of cookies, which are small data files placed on the hard drive of your electronic device (such as your computer, tablet or mobile device) when you navigate this site. These cookies are transmitted automatically by this site’s server to your device browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla, etc.) and are stored by default on its hard drive.

2. Who collects the Browsing information?

Browsing information is or may be collected, in whole or in part. (i) by us, namely CEC, Quebecor Media Inc., its subsidiaries and affiliates (hereafter, “us” or “we”) and (ii) certain companies with whom we collaborate for commercial or non-commercial purposes (such as our content partners; companies that could acquire some of our assets; or the service, solution or platform providers linked to this site) (“Partners”).

When the Browsing information is collected directly by Partners, we first make sure to enter with them into agreements that provide for appropriate measures to protect such information. Such agreements include, in particular, representations and warranties to the effect that the Partners will act in accordance with the laws applicable in Québec, that they will ensure that the Browsing information is protected and kept confidential, and that they will not, under any circumstances, use any such Browsing information for a purpose other than as provided for on this site and in the agreements. We also include provisions forbidding the use of any spying technology or spyware program which could, without your knowledge, collect information by using cookies that you cannot disable, or any other personal information.

3. Is the Browsing information shared with third parties?

We will not disclose any Browsing information without your consent to any third party, except to our Partners and certain companies affiliated or related to Quebecor Media Inc., in which case it will always be as described in question 2 and for the purposes described in question 4. Furthermore, in such case, we will then take all available measures to ensure the Browsing information is used according to our instructions and in conformity with this policy, the law and any other appropriate requirement to ensure it is secure and confidential.

4. How is the Browsing information used?

This anonymized information is collected in order to allow us:

(a) to generate statistical data concerning our readership levels, and the performance and use of our sites and their contents as well as the type of persons interested in it;

(b) to improve your browsing experience. For example, the data on your browser (namely, the language features, time zone and plug-in) will be offered to you by default when you return to this site, so that you don’t need to re-enter each time certain parameters that are specific to you.

5. How is Browsing information stored, and how long is it kept?

The Browsing information can be stored, as applicable, on our servers, on the servers of our service suppliers or on the servers of our Partners. It is kept only for the time required to accomplish the purposes previously described, after which the information is deleted.

6. How can you prevent your Browsing information from being collected?

Unless you take a specific action, by navigating this site, you agree to the collection Browsing information in the manner and for the purposes indicated above. However, you may at any time, from your browser, simply delete the cookies placed on your computer or deactivate completely the feature that stores or archives cookies on this site. Certain features also exist to allow you to deactivate certain cookies and to keep only the cookies you want. If that is your preference, please refer to your browser’s settings.

If you choose to deactivate such cookies, you will still be able to access the information displayed on this site. However, after such deactivation, this site will treat you as a new user every time you visit.

Furthermore, certain advanced functionalities of this site may be inadvertently affected, since certain cookies provide the interconnections between the various pages of the site. If such deactivation affects your browsing, we encourage you to communicate with us, at any time, at our contact information available on this site.

7. What happens when you click on a link displayed on this site?

When you click on a link displayed on our site, you are redirected to the site of a third party and you exit this site. The third party site has its own policy with regards to Browsing information, which may differ from ours, and probably its own cookies. Once you leave our site, our Browsing information policy no longer applies and you will be governed by the policies of the new site you visit.

8. Can you access your Browsing information or ask that it be corrected?

Yes, you can access your Browsing information or ask that it be corrected by submitting a written request to that effect at However, we will be able to respond to your request only if we have a personalized record about you (which is the case when you agree to provide us personal information) and can associate you specifically with the Browsing information that concerns you.


CEC has implemented security measures based on good practices in order to protect you against the loss or unauthorized use of your information which is under the control of Les Éditions CEC inc.

However, no security mechanism is perfect and you must be aware that there always exists a certain risk that the personal information you send to CEC could be disclosed, through no fault of CEC and without your consent. CEC accepts no responsibility with regards to the fact that personal information about you could be disclosed, except in the case of negligence on the part of CEC. Please note that, for your safety, no credit card information is stored on the servers used by CEC. If you have privacy concerns related to the use of your credit card online, please submit your order to CEC by phone.

CEC reserves the right to modify at any time this policy. CEC also reserves the right to transmit personal information about you, to the extent that the law imposes an obligation on CEC to do so or in order to protect its property rights to the Site or those of its users, sponsors, advertisers, or suppliers.

Control of personal information

You can validate or modify your personal information at any time from the My account page. You can also complete this process by contacting CEC’s customer service directly. If you want to close your account, you must contact CEC’s customer service directly.

Network safety and efficiency

CEC does not guarantee absolute efficiency or security. It is possible that a hacker could successfully access the server. Accordingly, it is important to remember, BEFORE USING YOUR IDENTITY TO BROWSE AND/OR TO MAKE TRANSACTIONS on the Site, that is always possible that an ill-intentioned individual could access CEC’s servers and use, for his/her own purposes, certain personal information provided by the members. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES shall Les Éditions CEC inc., nor any of its administrators, be held liable for computer hacks or be blamed for any damage or loss as a result thereof. The Site may experience occasional failures and certain programming errors may be caused by updates or events beyond the control of the administrators. When you make your purchases online, you can verify if you are in secure mode by making sure that the URL link (web address) starts with, rather than with que

The security icon, a closed padlock, in your browser window will confirm to you that you are effectively in secure mode.